Weinstein Former Driver SPEAKS OUT!

Harvey Weinstein’s former driver Mikael Chemloul is speaking out about his employment under the media mogul, and it’s not pretty.

Mickaël claims people were afraid of Weinstein and that his anger made him unmanageable, to the point of agony. His job was to transport Weinstein’s guest to wherever they were supposed to be, and that meant unsuspecting females who he felt as if he was taking them to the “wolf’s mouth.”

As you know, the media has been quietly moving this story to the side as if it wasn’t important, but it is. For this driver to testify about Weinstein’s state of mind and attitude toward his guests and women, that’s huge. (Related Article – British Actress Alleges Harvey Weinstein Rape — I Kept My Eyes Shut, Held My Breath)

There should be charges coming against him in various countries if individuals came forth and told the officials what was going on.

Source: BFMTV

Between 2008 and 2013, Mickaël Chemloul was the regular driver of Harvey Weinstein when he was staying on the Côte d’Azur and especially during the Cannes two weeks. “He had the reputation of a difficult customer to manage,” says the driver who assures that ten years ago, none of his colleagues wanted to work for him. Described as demanding, angry, the producer behaved like “God the Father”. “We were afraid of him,” confirms his ex-driver. “When he falls into anger, he becomes unmanageable, to the point of agony, he suffocates.”

“I felt like driving poor innocent people, innocent girls, taking them into the wolf’s mouth and I could not tell them ‘where you put your feet, it’s dangerous'”, testifies Mickaël Chemloul on BFMTV. “My job was to transport guests to Harvey Weinstein and it was necessary to do it. Woe if I ever missed an appointment or I was not there.”

Chemloul spoke about a situation that stuck with him over the years. A girl seemed to be a huge fan of Weinstein. She loved and followed him because he promised to make her a star.

“The one that marked me the most was a girl who was a fan of him, who loved him, who followed him for years,” he explains. “She gave her body, her soul, she gave everything to this gentleman because he promised her to make castings and make a film she never shot.” The last time the driver saw her was at Nice airport in 2010. She did not even have money to pay for a return ticket.

Chemloul said he worked with Weinstein for years but there was a time he got tired of his employer’s insults.

Weinstein is a monster that needs to be put down. If that is over the top, then so be it. One day in 2013, he claims he was assaulted, even though Weinstein claims it was his producer who took a swing at him. The charge never went anywhere and Weinstein claimed Chemloul would never work for him or his friends again and that’s just what happened.

These Hollyweird women need to link up and stop being silent and put this man away for a very long time. (Related Article – Lauren Holly: My Friends Told Me To Keep My Mouth Shut About Harvey Weinstein)

It’s time out for playing nice with men that treat women and children in a way that is dehumanizing. What angers many of us is how he was allowed to get away with this for years under the “open secret” label. It is one secret that should have been exposed.

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