WE TOLD YOU! Recent Ferguson “Die-In” for Non-Whites; Whites Allowed To Hold Signs

Concerned that sympathetic, well-meaning white people are diluting the cause, a Ferguson, MO. protest group asked white students not to participate in a recent black-only “die-in” at the University of Missouri.

From The College Fix:

Organizers of a recent Ferguson protest at the University of Missouri requested “only people of color” take part in the event’s “die-in,” one element of a larger demonstration that prompted at least two classes to be shelved so students could participate.

“During the demonstration we will hold a ‘die-in’ in the student center. We are asking that only people of color be the ones to do so,” event organizers stated in an email obtained by The College Fix. “We are asking non-people of color to stand holding hands in solidarity.”

“The ‘die-in’ is meant to represent black bodies that are killed unjustly. It was requested that others stand in a circle holding hands,” student Ebony Francis told The College Fix in a telephone interview.




First off, these protests in Ferguson have proven to be fake, fake outrage, fake concern, fake everything because Michael Brown charged at the cop and that is only one thing he did wrong.

What would be more genuine is the man who was killed in NYC during the take down by police. Or the time when police raided the wrong house in Georgia and threw a grenade that landed in a crib, you have to google that one.

But Michael Brown? The same guy who had a list of felonies and who had murder charges against him—-that’s public record.

No, sorry, these protests in Ferguson have proven to be fake. I can see his mother not being rational but everyone else is just exploiting a tragedy and listening to charlatans like Al Sharpton. He only shows up when it fits the narrative he wants to exploit and there is usually money for him to be made.



Wayne Dupree

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