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Maxine Waters Has Passed Three Bills in 27 Years; Named Most Corrupt Four Times!

Rep. Maxine Waters has got to be one of the most ineffective congressional members ever sent to Washington, DC on behalf of the citizens she represents.

I have a hard time wondering why House representatives stay in House instead of seeking higher aspirations such as the Senate or even Governor of their state. Why stay in a body for so long if you aren’t going to do anything?

Waters is feeling her oats as she claims to be standing up against Donald Trump when she gave Barack Obama an eight-year pass. I get it, she’s angry at herself for not supplying her district anything and she’s fighting for an election in 2018. Investment Watch Blog has reported that Waters has only passed three bills in her 27 years as a Congresswoman. That’s ridiculous. If you are not doing anything for your people at home, you shouldn’t be in Congress.

She’s also been named the most corrupt member of Congress. Now how does that get past the mainstream media?

Source: IWB

Maxine Waters was elected to Congress in the year of 1990. During her time in Congress, her family has made over a million dollars in revenue from Waters’ government connections. Throughout Waters’ 27 years in Congress, she only managed to pass three bills: a Haiti relief bill, the renaming of a post office, and a modification of the national flood insurance program. Additionally, Waters failed to gain much popularity in Congress. Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics in Washington labeled her as the most corrupt member in Congress during the years of 2005, 2006, 2009, and 2011.

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A few years ago, Waters was charged by the House ethics committee for allegedly securing bailout funds for a bank in which her husband owned stock. She received three counts of violating House rules in addition to the federal ethics code. These charges were linked to her moves to establish a meeting between OneUnited bank representatives and Treasury officials in 2008. The committee stated that Waters’ moves to benefit OneUnited bank would serve as personally beneficial to her own interests due to her husband’s ownership of stock. The Congresswoman and her attorney filed a motion to have the charges dismissed, but unsurprisingly, the ethics panel denied it.

This is who the left is hoisting upon their shoulders now because she’s old, but I see the truth. She can’t hide this from us as I am going to report it and show you every time I get a chance.

Waters shouldn’t be praised, she should be arrested and placed alongside her friend Corrine Scott Brown. The Congressional Black Caucus members think they are untouchable like Hillary Clinton. They just don’t get it.

GUILTY! Hillary’s Friend Corrine Brown Now Faces 300+ Years In Prison!

Clinton gets to run for the presidency and eat steak and live a long live not bound by the laws of this government while the black members of Congress get the jail cell or labeled due to their sins.

Do you think Maxine Waters should be retired to her home state of California? Share your voices below in our comment section.

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