Watching This After I Lost My Friend To Opioid Use Makes Me Sad And Angry!

I just lost a friend to an overdose two days ago, so this is not only said, but it hits home.

Some ask, “Why would anyone do anything like this to themselves if they’re not just playing around, and being silly?” I have never done any of this, but I’ve known several people who have lost their lives playing around with these opioids.

What I have witnessed as the one common denominator is plain, and simple: PAIN!

People who are in all manner of pain will try anything for relief from that pain. The pain can be physical or emotional, but regardless of the type of pain, it is a genuine pain.

Sadly this is real; we live in a multidimensional universe governed by free will and those beings choose to resonate in lower frequencies and it seems that’s where they’ve made their home

We are all aware of the addict who would have never touched anything remotely close to an opioid but was injured, and prescribed opioids to better manage the pain. After the doctor cuts them off, they go to the streets or friends to get what they can no longer get legally. Then, someone tells them that Heroine cost less than the regular pharmaceutical.

That’s when the transition from Percocet, and Oxycontin to Heroine. Since the FDA does not oversee it, a user never knows what they are going to get: straight or cut or laced with Fentanyl. At a point, the addiction becomes a dependency. Where they once only thought they would die without more, the continued use has made them just as dependent on the opioids as we all must have water, air to live. Without the opiates, they will begin withdrawals, and it can be fatal.

It becomes a vicious circle without end unless, and until there is some intervention. Furthermore, the longer it’s taken, the more it takes to feel “normal” again. This level of “normal” only last as long as there are more opioids once they come back down. I’ve witnessed this series of events more than I care to.

It starts with pain, and an attempt to escape it.

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