Watch Trump Supporter Give CNN Lesson In White Guilt False Narrative

Diante Johnson didn’t fall for CNN’s attempt to paint the Mother Of All Rallies event as gathering place for just white Trump supporters.

I am shocked CNN didn’t cut this Trump supporter off mid-sentence.

Most of you have stopped watching CNN and their daily attempts to divide America along racial lines. They are still at it, especially with trying to paint Trump supporters as white Americans only. Another thing the liberal media does without remorse is push “white guilt.”

I have mentioned this on my radio show many times, and hopefully, my listeners follow my advice but no white American should feel guilty for what their ancestors did. That time is gone whether people want to believe it or not. Slavery times has been removed from our public view for years which shows the growth of this country in such a short period.

CNN knows there’s money in racism which is why they play into it.

“I have seen some shirts here today, I think one shirt that said ‘no white guilt,’ things like that, I mean, there have been some messages that might not be that open to folks from diverse perspectives. What would your message be to folks like that?” CNN asked Johnson.

“When it comes to ‘no white guilt,’ uh, I agree with that, I actually just made a post about it on my page and a video about it…is that there are some White Americans that feel guilty for what their ancestors did, you know, this and that, and the thing about it is, they shouldn’t have to feel guilty, this is America…”

It seems CNN doesn’t understand what “no white guilt” means. I am glad this young man broke it down so a little child could understand and behold, CNN didn’t cut the feed. That was shocking.

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