Watch SMUG Clinton Campaign Manager Laugh Off Transparency And Press Conferences

Hillary Clinton has a copious number of vulnerabilities as a candidate. Too many to list. One glaring issue with her is that people don’t view her as honest or trustworthy. (Shocker) The fact that she has not held an open press conference in over 260 days likely has something to do with that perception.

Hillary’s campaign manager Robby Mook made an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” where he was asked about the press conference concern by former Bush administration communications chief Nicolle Wallace.

Wallace suggested that to fix Hillary’s “number one vulnerability” the campaign should schedule a press conference and take questions.

“Isn’t the antidote to this to sit her down today in front of your traveling press corps people … and let her take questions until there are no more questions to be answered?”

Mook attempted to deflect the question by saying that Hillary had in fact done over 300 interviews this year, but Wallace was not interested in playing Mook’s word games. She stopped him and sharply pointed out that she understands the difference between an interview and a press conference. The exchange was somewhat belittling towards Mook but totally appropriate since he was trying to conflate the two lines of questioning.

“I didn’t talk about interviews. I know the difference between a 3-minute ground-ruled interview and a press conference because I’ve put on a couple of each. Why wouldn’t you put her out there to answer questions that she can certainly handle if your defense is true?”

Throughout the interview, Mook couldn’t wipe the smirk off of his face or stop laughing. He seems to think there is something humorous about his candidate’s lack of transparency. I suppose you have to have some sense of humor when your candidate is a complete and utter joke, but I doubt that American voters find it amusing.

Do you think Hillary’s failure to hold a press conference has added to voter’s perception that she is not honesty and trustworthiness? Comment below.

h/t – Washington Free Beacon


Wayne Dupree

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