WATCH LIVE! #CharlieHebdo terrorist located in Dammartin-En Goele, town on lockdown

The two suspects in the Charlie Hebdo attack spoke to police by phone and said they wanted to die as martyrs, according to a French member of parliament for the district where a police operation is taking place.

French search teams have surrounded a section of the town Dammartin-en-Goele northeast of Paris on Friday. There are media reports of a hostage taking in the same town, which is a few miles from Charles de Gaulle airport.

The Kouachi brothers, the suspects in Wednesday’s killing of 12 people, are “almost certainly” the hostage takers, French Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre Henri Brandet said.

Convoys of police vans with blue lights flashing filled residential streets, and a nearby hospital sent a medical team to the town. An ambulance could be seen on the scene. Police armed with assault rifles held watch.

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Wayne Dupree

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