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Watch This Choir Sing Come All Ye Faithful While Eating “SUPER” Hot Peppers — PRICELESS!

You’re going to be laughing all day when you watch these kids try to get through singing their Christmas song after eating a ‘super’ hot pepper.

A Danish comedian who is also a musician thought it would be fun to mix Christmas with a little viral stunt that included singing a traditional song and adding the eating of hot pepper. Never before has this be done so watching the results just blew me away.

I’ve never seen a singer try to perform a Christmas carol while eating a hot pepper. The best part of the story is watching these kids labor through after swallowing their treat. I have to give it to them; they did their best.

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I couldn’t stop laughing, but for a split second I felt bad for them, but that quickly went away. These youngsters just made my day and hopefully yours.

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