Denzel Washington Was Asked About Race Relations Under Obama; His Answer Will Shock You!

Actor Denzel Washington wasn’t going to be caught by any of this reporter’s gotcha questions on this night!

Source: Patriot Beacon

Washington tried to divert the question back to the movie, but when Ballasy continued to press him, he silenced him with a blunt answer.

“None of your business!” he stated emphatically.

After fumbling a bit, Ballasy pressed on and asked Washington about Obama specifically.

“Right now, under President Obama, over the last eight years, in your mind… have race relations improved under his leadership?” he asked.

Most actors would have taken this opportunity to lavish Obama with praise, but not Washington.

Race relationships have to do with race relationships,” Washington fired back, making it clear that he doesn’t think Obama has anything to do with this. “You’re white, or whatever you are, and I’m black, or whatever I am — we’re standing here talking now. That’s how we get things done.”

“You can’t legislate love. The president of the United States can’t legislate us into liking each other,” he elaborated. “We have to step forward and ask questions about each other and engage. There’s no law that says, oh because I’m president, you all gotta get along now. So it’s up to us.”

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