Warren Not Only Committed Fraud On Bar Filing; She Lifted NY Times Recipe Word For Word

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is in freefall.

The Washington Post posted a Texas Bar Law registration card where she added “Indian” off to the side as if she thought about it at the last second. I just learned that Warren plagiarized a recipe from the New York Times and published it for her book. It’s all but certain that Warren is a fraud.

The Daily Mail ran a feature back in 2018 detailing Warren stealing a recipe and publishing it as her own. It was under the radar, but now that you have it in your hands, you can share too.

This woman has a real problem with the truth. It turns out her cookbook was full of recipes that were not family recipes at all.

Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is yet again in hot water after new allegations have surfaced that she plagiarized her ‘Cherokee’ recipes in the book Pow Wow Chow from the New York Times and other publications.

Radio talk show host Howie Carr released damning evidence that appears to confirm that Mrs Warren’s weren’t handed down from generation to generation, they were picked up in the newspaper.

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Mrs Warren has been under scrutiny since she first claimed Native American heritage, arguing that because her great-great-great-grandmother was Cherokee, she is a member of the community.

The 1984 cookbook Pow Wow Chow was edited by Mrs Warren’s cousin Candy Rowsey and is billed as a collection of recipes from the Five Civilized Tribes.

Mrs Warren’s recipes are featured alongside her mother’s directions for sugar cake and her two children’s recipe for peach cobbler.

Source: Daily Mail


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