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[VIDEO] Resurfaced 2012 Interview Shows How Far Warren Went to Perpetuate ‘Native American Hoax’

The “Native American” hoax that Elizabeth Warren perpetuated for years is coming back to haunt her once again, as she begins to takeover Joe Biden as the party’s frontrunner.

It’s mind-blowing the steps this woman took to in order to keep this hoax alive. It’s also rather disturbing how she dragged her entire family tree into the hoax, and created this massive fictitious reality, where picture-proof existed and “stories” were told to young children about their Native American past (that didn’t exist).

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What normal person engages in this sort of lie? It’s pathological. 

Nowhere was Warren’s pathological lie on display more than during an interview in 2012, where Warren appeared very agitated when the reporter asked her if she had anything in her home that proved the claim that she was “Native American.”

A visibly irked Warren said she had “plenty of pictures” in her home, but then went on to say that they “were not for you”…meaning, they were “private” and she would not show them to the reporter.

Those photos are so “private” that they never actually existed.

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As we know now, Warren never showed “picture proof” of her Native American hoax. All we got was a failed DNA test that showed she has less Native American blood in her than the average American citizen.

You can watch the video below:

Another resurfaced clip shows Warren doubling down on her Native ancestry claims, telling the story of her parents. She claimed her family was divided due to her father’s parents’ prejudice against her mother, who was – Warren claimed – part Cherokee and Delaware.

“It was an issue in our family the whole time I grew up, about these two families,” Warren told New England Cable News’s Jim Braude.

Braude followed up, asking Warren – who identified as a minority – if she would still identify as such if her ancestors were black instead.

“If your family heritage had an African American like you have, the grandfather or great grandparent who was a Cherokee, would you call yourself a black, and expect African Americans to accept that?” Braude asked.

“If that same ancestor was black and not Cherokee,” he added.

“If my Father’s parents had said, ‘You can’t marry her because she’s black, and that had been part of our family growing up, that we had two different families?” Warren replied.

“You would be comfortable with saying you’re black?” Braude asked.

“It would be part of identification,” she said. [Breitbart]

You can watch that video below:

If Liz Warren gets the nomination, you can be sure that President Trump will hammer this lie into the ground. And for good reason, if she would lie about something like this, and keep the lie going for decades, and reportedly “profit” from it, how could anyone possibly trust her?

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