Sen. Warner Claims Pres. Trump Needs Supervision When Meeting With Putin

Sen. Mark Warner had the audacity to say Pres. Trump needs special supervision so he won’t be taken advantage of by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

I am getting sick and tired of listening to Democrats and some Republicans degrade and attack Pres. Trump. Democrats and some Republicans have tried to take advantage of Pres. Trump over the last couple of years and now they are trying to act as if he were a weak leader who can’t stand up to the Russian leader.

Pres. Trump is a billionaire 100 times over. He has done things that the senators and other legislators have never been able to do. He has created jobs, he has managed budgets, he has taken huge risks and been successful. Even though he’s had a few failures, he’s come back on top and in no way does that make him weak.

Source: Washington Examiner

The Virginia Democrat said additional U.S. representatives were needed in the meeting to advocate for U.S. positions and to “make sure that the Americans — for that matter, the world — gets a straight story of what happens” during talks.

“Vladimir Putin is a trained KGB agent. He may come in with maps of Syria, maps of Ukraine and frankly, I think he will take advantage of this president who we know doesn’t do much prep work before these meetings,” Warner said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said “we need other individuals from his administration in the room so we know that at least someone will press the Russians on making sure they don’t interfere in future U.S. elections.”

Warner added: “Let’s also examine the fact that this is a president throughout the last week who has basically treated our allies like adversaries in ways that where I believe were totally inappropriate and continues to treat adversaries, and tries to act like they are friends.”

Warner is out of bounds when he makes our leader look like a child when Congress has been fleecing the American people for years with the economy, trade, education, all the while attacking U.S. companies and bleeding them dry in taxes, forcing them to leave the country and then putting Americans on welfare.

This is a slap in the face of our leader and someone with a little more clout than myself needs to call out Warner and put him in his place. Trump is not a weak leader and America is not weak. If anyone needs any supervision I say force that on Congress. They are the criminals hurting Americans on a daily basis, not Trump.

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