War on Men in Blue? ‘Cop Will Be Killed on New Year’s’ gas station note surfaces

NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were targeted and assassinated on December 20 because of racism. Many police officers, and other first responders, throughout the country are on high alert. In the past 72 hours, police assassination attempts in Tampa, Durham and Los Angeles.

On Sunday, a message was written on in a Kum-and-Go gas station bathroom stall in Arkansas located at 1701 W New Hope Road.

photo credit / arkansasmatters.com

The message is allegedly written by MS 13 which is a transnational criminal gang and one of the most violent gangs around. “A cop will be killed New Year’s night in Rogers, AR 12-31-1,” the note read.

Although this is a local threat, you can only worry about copycat threats on our law enforcement throughout the country.

According to a Arkansasmatters.com report, police say they have no suspects but believe the threat is influenced by similar threats made several days ago against officers by people in other parts of the country.
“Threats against law enforcement are nothing new. There have been threats against the police from the beginning,” said Rogers Police’s Keith Foster, “I am sure there will continue to be threats against the police in the future. It goes with the territory.”


Wayne Dupree

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