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Wannabe Thief Shoved HOT SPAGHETTI Down His Pants — He Didn’t GET FAR!

How do you think you can place hot food down your pants and expect to get out of the store?

Does everybody have to be a criminal these days? Watching this young man reminds me of lost boys who need a good swift kick to the tail to get their lives in order. Just so that you know, the food bursts inside of his pants which is why he gave up on the caper.


An Australian shoplifter has been caught with his pants down after a saucy encounter with some hot spaghetti in a Perth supermarket.

A young man was caught attempting to steal “a hot meal of spaghetti” by putting it down his trousers. Shop owners have called the move “stupidity at its highest form.”

The attempted theft was captured by security cameras on Saturday afternoon and posted to the Facebook page of a Forrest Road Fresh supermarket.

“Not only is it going to burn you but will expose you to the public for attempted shoplifting,” the shop owners captioned the footage. [NewzHub]

According to Newzhub, the young man has been banned from the store going forward.

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