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Wallace — Trump Can’t Win Reelection In 2020 On His Base Alone

On Friday, Chris Wallace told Shep Smith that President Trump couldn’t win a 2020 reelection with his base.

This conversation came about while the subject of Trump’s veto of a Senate resolution rejecting his national emergency declaration at the southern border.

Wallace said that President Trump could rally his base on how he fought for the wall and the things he had to go through including this Senate resolution to block him and the Republicans who sided against him to protect the American people but he will need more Trump supporters to win, and Wallace is correct.

I have told my radio show listeners that Trump alone can’t increase his base. He’s a great motivator, but his base has gotten complacent. They sit back, watch and defend instead of being proactive and reaching out.

Independents are the key to Trump’s reelection. What Republicans leaders think is that Trump Democrats will cross over and vote for Trump once again, but this election won’t have Hillary Clinton, the main reason that drove them to Trump’s side in 2016.

I know for a fact that Trump’s base gives him so much leeway when it comes to looking over his mistakes and defending every one of his decisions.

I won’t get mad with Wallace for this because he’s right and because I’ve said it too. I hope some people wake up in time to help Trump win in 2020.

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