MSNBC’S Wallace: Why Don’t Women in the White House ‘Walk Out’

Nicolle Wallace’s job security is never in doubt as long as she attacks President Trump and that’s a fact.

She’s once again attacking Trump on her failing show asking why don’t the women who work in the White House walk out after the latest Rob Porter scandal.

I have one for you Nicolle, why don’t women in Hollywood walk out? Why don’t women in Congress walkout? Why don’t women in journalism walk out?

Wallace who worked within the George W. Bush White House has been attacking President Trump at will, ever since Jeb Bush got destroyed during the GOP primary. Wallace joined The View with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, was featured on a late night show with Seth Meyers and felt the liberal love.

Now she’s a shrill for the Democrats against her own party and it’s just sickening.

Watch this segment:

What’s crazy is that Nicolle didn’t walk out when Why Bush/Cheney started a war over lies? Tens of thousands of our finest were murdered because of lies while your VP earned millions in stock from the war profits.

Nicolle, you should walk out since you work with Chris Matthews and he was alleged to be a sexual harassment abuser.

These progressives, having sold what little is left of their souls, now start to exhibit the effects of being soulless, advocating more and more for tearing America apart.

The mainstream media, Hollywood celebrities, and congressional lawmakers have lost all sense of objectivity in their reporting and. Watch as they try to one-up each other as their vitriol has become out of hand. Just look around at how absurd the progressives have become.

Nicole who has zero credibility as she is sucking up to liberal audiences. She got fired from the View and her new cable show now gets fewer viewers then infomercials.

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Wayne Dupree

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