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Wallace — AG Barr Is Acting As Body Man For POTUS; Clearly Protecting Trump

On Friday, Chris Wallace, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace made the twisted observation that Attorney General Bill Barr was acting as a personal advocate for President Trump, and “clearly is protecting this president.”

Wallace seems to have come to this conclusion after watching America’s Newsroom’s Bill Hemmer’s interview with AG Barr on Friday. Conservatives and Trump supporters are not that keen on Wallace and how he continues to act as if he swings toward the liberal fences whenever he’s on television.

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Wallace has taken his bias against Trump to the next level, somewhat like Judge Andrew Napolitano and Shepard Smith. Wallace went on to say how he feels Barr will act as a personal defense for him, contrasting Barr with former attorney general Jeff Sessions. I don’t remember Wallace speaking about former Atty General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch defending Barack Obama every time they got a chance.

“What really comes across to me most of all is that for two years Donald Trump sat there and said I don’t have an attorney general. I don’t have somebody out there looking for and protecting my interests. He clearly has that now with Bill Barr,” Wallace said.

“He clearly is protecting this president and advocating his point of view on a lot of these issues,” Wallace noted.




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