Walking Dead’s Josh McDermitt Closes Social Media Accounts After Death Threats

Liberals can’t tell the difference between a television show and reality! Josh McDermitt plays Eugene on the Walking Dead you imbeciles!

McDermitt has left social media after getting numerous death threats about the character he plays on the hit show The Walking Dead. On the show, Eugene has sided with the star enemy against his old friends. Most say it was for survival while others think there might be a revelation people can’t put together right now.

Either way, McDermitt has been getting death threats on his Facebook and Twitter account because of his character’s action and liberal loonies who can’t tell the truth between TV character and real life.

You can see the hurt in his eyes after watching that video. It’s got to be taking a toll on him. Hopefully, he recovers with this time away from social media.

Source: BlastingNews

McDermitt posted a final video on Facebook Live before closing his account, to explain what was happening and why he was disconnecting from #social media. His statement basically said that people should not send him death threats, because he was going to report all that s**t to the police.

He went on to say he was sick of the death threats, saying people can hate Eugene – he doesn’t care. McDermitt went on to argue that they were wrong to do that, but that people are free to think whatever they want. However when people start saying they hope he will die, it’s a different story, adding that he doesn’t know if they are talking about him, in person, or his character, Eugene. He closed his message by telling people to stop complaining about everything online, adding they should rather spend some time with their family, friends or loved ones.

Here is the scene that changed a lot of fans attitudes toward McDermitt’s character Eugene.

I’ve gotten death threats before but not on the scale McDermitt is receiving. I hope he’s able to find a little peace away from social media. I also hope those who are threatening him are caught, charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent.

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