Wait … Biden Is Defending Obamacare?! That’s Their Bill That’s Nothing! [VIDEO]

On Wednesday, former Vice President Joe Biden spoke in defense of Obamacare to its supporters on Capitol Hill.

It comes as the House is coming close to voting on the new health care replacement plan.

The Daily Caller has the MSNBC video clip of Biden’s comments.

“Elimination of this, the costs are enormous. The cost of law enforcement, the cost of the community. There are so many so many hidden costs that will be resurrected here if this was repealed.”

He went after the Republican Party and President Trump, calling him “colorful.” Biden called their plan a “transfer tax” that only helps the upper class.

He also said everyone has a “right” to health care. However, that is not true because health care is not an entitlement. When it is “free” for somebody, it means others are covering the cost of it. Therefore, there is no such thing as “free” healthcare.

Barack Obama said multiple times we could keep our health care plan if we liked it. That turned out to be a lie.

Millions of individuals lost their plans under Obamacare, and the liberal media barely reported it.

In 2016, National Review listed states that would see enormous premium increases.

In those states for which HHS had data, premiums for the benchmark Silver plans are expected to rise an average of 22 percent. In Arizona, the premiums on the benchmark plan for a 27-year-old will increase as much as 116 percent. In Oklahoma, premiums for the equivalent plan will spike by 69 percent, and in Tennessee and Minnesota they’ll spike by about 60 percent. Eleven other states could see premium increases of 40 percent or more.

Too bad for Biden, who has to defend this trainwreck his former boss created.

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