Waffling Pelosi Tries To Walk Back Defining Tax Cuts As “CRUMBS”

Nancy “Crumbs” Pelosi is detached from reality. In fact, the whole democrat party along with some Republicans are as well.

Nancy should be regretting getting out of bed every morning like we do when we see her stand at the podium creating hate narratives to make her agenda sound better.

In order to regret you must have the ability to understand what you said was not appropriate and in the video below you can tell she hasn’t reached that pinnacle.

I think at one time she would have had the brains to regret her comment, but I think now she is operating a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic and doesn’t know she said something wrong. She really needs to go!

The old girl hasn’t been ‘right’ for years now. What she keeps forgetting is that every time she talks about the “one percenters” getting the lion’s share of a tax break is, that she’s one of them. She continues to play her looney toons tune, but it doesn’t matter. They treat her like she’s a disabled elderly mom in a nursing home, sort of what they did for Uncle Joe Biden.

It is too late; you will always be known as “Crumbs Pelosi” by the Deplorables like me. You have become such a loser; you fit right in with the rest of your party. How does it feel to join the irredeemable class?

She continues to use President George W. Bush’s name when speaking about President Trump and she carries the confusion face well. What’s worse is that the media doesn’t pick up on her actions or question her ability to be a Congresswoman/Minority leader? The media had all these silly questions about the health condition of President Trump, but they ignore the behavior of Pelosi.

Pelosi should open a waffle house as it seems that’s what she’s been doing for the last few years.

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Wayne Dupree

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