VULGAR DEATH THREATS! Anonymous Female raises 500K for Darren Wilson Under Attack!

An anonymous Wilson supporter reportedly set up three Facebook pages since the August incident when the officer fatally shot Michael Brown. Thus far, she has managed to raise more than half a million dollars for him — and counting — by selling hats and T-shirts, reports Independent Journal Review.

The woman’s campaign is called “I stand with Darren Wilson.” She says she doesn’t personally know the officer, but that her grandfather was a St. Louis police officer and her father was killed in a 1995 incident involving cops.

The woman reportedly told the Daily Mail: “You have to be accountable, and my dad had to be accountable. He wasn’t a bad person. Mike Brown might not have been a bad person but he made a very bad choice that day. My dad made a very bad choice back in 1995, and there are consequences to those actions, especially when you fight a police officer.”

 In addition to selling items that let Wilson supporters show others where they stand on the issue, the woman reportedly organized four rallies around the city after she heard about the shooting.

The woman says she has received “really, really vulgar death threats” and that Brown supporters have told her they are going to rape and kill her.

But those threats haven’t stopped the woman from continuing to support Wilson. She currently has three Facebook pages: the “I support officer Wilson” page has almost 90,000 likes, “Support Darren Wilson” has more than 94,000 likes and the new “We are Darren Wilson” community has almost 10,000 likes.

Sources: Daily Mail

Wayne Dupree

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