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VP-Elect MIke Pence Takes Over Transition Duties From Chris Christie

If there is anything we know about former Indiana Governor Mike Pence, he will make sure conservatives are chosen for a lot of positions within the Trump administration.

The first 100 days of President-Elect Trump’s term will be fun to watch. Things will change. The media is corrupt and biased. That should be obvious to all. They have big problems, Trump is not afraid of them, he will embarrass them and the DNC and more than a few government employees up and down the ranks, will be fired or prosecuted.

The DC swamp will be drained. Protests will end, when the 1% stops funding activists. Follow the money, who pays their bail, lawyers and fines? Who busses them to protests? Who trains them? They are large, organized, well-funded criminal networks. Rudy Giuliani will probably be Trump’s Attorney General, he cleaned up NY City, as Mayor, when nobody thought it was possible. Progressivism is running into a brick wall.

From The Hill:

Vice President-elect Mike Pence is taking the reins of President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team, according to the New York Times.

Pence, who has strong contacts in Washington from his six terms in Congress, will take the helm from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the report said.

Christie and his allies have been powering the transition effort for months – a tumultuous period during which he’s also been dealing with court proceedings over the Bridgegate scandal.

A source on Trump’s transition team told The Hill on Thursday that Pence would be playing a central role in ensuring that qualified and reliable conservatives are appointed to key positions in the Trump Administration.

All political views aside, this sounds like a practical move. Pence has substantial experience in Washington, while Christie doesn’t. That should be helpful in navigating the process.

I’ve always thought Vice Presidents need to take a larger role in the government. Maybe they do but it appears they aren’t as involved as they should be! Trump is rewriting the rules for the good of our country.

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