VOX: Newsmax CEO Warns Friend Trump Of Paul Ryan’s Repeal Version

I don’t know where the disconnect is between President Trump’s supporters and reality, but I am trying to find them and move them, and so is Trump’s friend.

Longtime friend and Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy is reaching out to Trump to pull himself away from Speaker Paul Ryan and swing the pendulum toward the House Conservatives.

It seems so many supporters have decided just to support Trump no matter what and justifying that by saying he will take care of it on the backend. How Congress gets there doesn’t seem to matter. Well, it matters to us and the House Conservatives, Senate Republicans and his friends.

Ryancare is a $600 billion tax cut that leaves 54 million Americans uninsured. It will likely fail, but if it passes, it will destroy Republicans on healthcare for 50 years.

Source: Vox

A key Trump friend and ally is urging the president to dump Paul Ryan’s Affordable Health Care Act and embrace something that sounds sort of like a lightweight version of a single-payer health care system. Christopher Ruddy, CEO of the conservative Newsmax brand, isn’t normally considered a major thought leader on policy issues, but he is a longtime friend of Trump’s, and counts as one of a relatively small number of conservative players who have closer ties to Trump than to congressional Republican leaders.

And he is warning loud and clear that Trump “could inherit the bad political baggage of both Obamacare and the House Republicans” if he insists on going along with Ryan’s version of repealing and replacing Obamacare.

Instead, Ruddy puts forward the rather radical notion that Trump should attempt to live up to his campaign promises on health care rather than signing on to legislation that betrays them all. To do it, he encourages Trump to ditch his effort to court the Freedom Caucus and instead come up with a bipartisan plan that accepts a large government role in providing insurance coverage.

Sooner or later, the rubber is going to meet the road, and there is going to be an awakening.

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