Voting Machines Breaking Down In These Six States! WTH Is The Problem!

Listen, I am going to be upfront and frank right now when I say this, this is bulls***.

These electronic voting machines should have been tested and tested again before being added to the voting lines on a day this important. In Maryland, they moved from electronic to paper ballots with no voting id required. To watch this happen in these states is a travesty.

Of all places, you’re trying to tell me North Carolina, Texas and Ohio are having these issues. I call them out on this and if anything goes foul, reap the whirlwind!

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Here’s the full story from The Hill:

Voting machines are malfunctioning in some parts of Ohio, New York, Texas and other states, according to local media reports.

About six hours after polling began Tuesday, voters have reported broken machines in multiple locations – a common sight on Election Day that can lead to longer wait times.

The most reports have come from New York, Illinois, North Carolina, Kentucky, Texas and Ohio, according to Electionland, a nonprofit project in partnership with ProPublica.

Experts say that broken machines should not impact an area’s ability to record or count votes: In most cases when machines are broken, voters use a paper ballot that will be manually tallied.

Machines had also shut down in at least two Connecticut towns, according to NBC Connecticut. Chris Calvert, who tried to vote in Philadelphia, also tweeted that both voting machines were broken at his location, according to USA Today. He wrote: “No one can vote in our district today. Hundreds of angry voters.”

Polling experts say some machines across the country are out of date, and that most are only expected to have a shelf-life of about 10 years.

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