Poll Claims Those Who Participate Says They Are Better Off Financially Under Trump Than Obama!

Did anyone think Americans felt they were better financially under Barack Obama and his policies for the eight years he sat in the Oval Office?

New data reveal that a significant majority of Americans were doing better financially under year one of the Trump Administration thanks to a healthy jobs market and rising wages.

It’s because of policies enacted under Pres. Trump, we see such significant improvements in job creation and wages. We are also tackling the long-term unemployment problem and that is at the heart of America’s malaise. When we beat the chronic unemployment, we reduce #poverty

Source: Washington Examiner

The latest survey is from Emerson College which on Monday said that 42 percent feel better off, compared to 26 percent who feel worse off. Some 30 percent said that their financial situation is about the same as it was in 2016.

The mid-year Emerson College ePoll also found that Trump’s job approval rating has increased to 43 percent and it gave credit to the financial confidence people are feeling.

“The financial situation of voters could be a major reason for the improvement in Trump’s approval rating. When asked if they (voters) were better or worse off financially than they were two years ago 42 percent responded better off, while 26 percent said worse off. Males appear to be doing better in a Trump economy than females: 49 percent of males reported doing better, while 21 percent said they were doing worse. Alternatively 36 percent of females reported they were better off, while 30 percent said they were doing worse. Perceptions of the financial situation varied by party and race, Democrats had the lowest improvement at 33 percent, with 32 percent doing worse. Among Hispanics, a distinct majority – 62 percent believed they were better off,” said Emerson.

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Because of this information, it will be hard for Democrats to defeat Republicans who ride Trump’s coattails for the near future, and they know it. They continue to run against Trump by calling him names and his Twitter account, rather than telling the people how they will try to make things better for American’s every day lives.

It’s cool with me how Democrats are of a one-track mind. I hope more logical-thinking American voters know this when the 2018 midterms finally appear.

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