Why Are Voters So Dumb?


confusedvoterLet’s talk about Meatloaf. That’s right, Meatloaf. No, not the block-o-ground beef, but rather the what-was-once greasy-looking, Paradise-By-The-Dashboard-Light, rock and roller otherwise known as Marvin Lee Aday. I caught Mr. Loaf on Megyn Kelly’s The Kelly File the other night and, while I enjoyed the interview, especially in light of the fact that Mr. Loaf isn’t a Kool-Aid swiggin, left-wing puppet, some of his comments prompted me to want to talk about the utter stupidity of voters in this country and how this epidemic of dumbness has helped get us into the mess we’re in today.

During the interview, Meatloaf talked about his political leanings. He openly admitted that he does not “vote for the party” but rather “the person”. Okay. That’s admirable. I suppose. He went on to say that he voted for Carter, went to the ball, yada yada. Reagan, however, did not get his vote because he said he couldn’t imagine an actor as president although he did unabashedly admit to “loving” him now. Gee, Meat, better late…. The next thing he said boggled my mind. Mr. Loaf said that he voted for Obama the first time because he “spoke so well”. Wait. An actor is off-limits but a smooth-talking community organizer isn’t? Folks, therein lies the problem. What are the standards for measuring a candidate’s worthiness? We base decisions on how one speaks? Or on a career he has left far behind? Have we gone mad? I guess it is true what political pundits say: elections are won on emotion. And I think that Meatloaf – and a lot of other disappointed Americans – would easily concur. The good news is that Meatloaf has since learned from his mistake – I think. If you want to call voting for Romney in 2012 a mitigating factor of his previous blunder, that is.


So…what can we do about this dummy epidemic? While some people will never change their ways, those of us of sound and logical mind, must urge our fellow Americans to do one simple thing the next time they cast a vote: RESEARCH! Today there is no excuse for most voters to say they ‘didn’t know’. Seriously Meatloaf and the rest of you lazy bums? Most of you guys had access to the Internet before Obama got elected in 08. Sure, some stuff is propaganda. Some is lies. No doubt. But when I did my homework – when I decided it was my obligation to find out who this relative new-comer was – I employed common sense and logic to sort out the wheat from the chafe. When I learned that young Barry kept company with Marxists and communists and socialists and terrorists, that he was abandoned by his Kenyan father, that he was then raised with a Muslim stepfather in Indonesia, and that he was finally shuffled off by his mother to his Marxist grandparents, well, that was enough for me to keep digging. His inexperience, his voting record, his affiliations, heck, his wife! It added up to one big NO WAY. It doesn’t take but a bit of determination to do what I did. If you don’t have an Internet connection, there are still ways to gather data – but that way is NOT via the mainstream media, ‘the fake news’, as I call it. If you rely on the MSM, you WILL be misinformed. You WILL be fooled. Your emotions WILL be played upon. And you WILL cast a vote that has nothing to do with one’s character or work experience but rather the political ideology of a bunch of liberal hacks. That’s not to say that a 2-year senator could never make a good president, but in this case, that simply did not hold true.

votesmartThe more I live, the more I see. The more I see, the more I recoil in disgust. Because the truth is that voters aren’t necessarily dumb. They are uninformed. How many more times am I going to hear an intelligent person say “I didn’t know…I made a mistake” in regard to voting for Obama? Ugh. There might be no cure for stupid, but there is, without question, a cure for ignorance.


Wayne Dupree

Wayne Dupree is owner and founder of WayneDupree.com. He was named to the 2017 Newsmax’s 50 Most Influential African-American Republicans. He served in the USAF between 1987-1995. He saw time in Operation Desert Storm/Shield and is the father of three. He is the host of the Wayne Dupree Show.

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