Vote On The iPad…Can You Say Voter Fraud by Joe Hakos

Clemson Prime III In actionReports out from Clemson University in South Carolina have voters in the Palmetto State soon to be voting using an iPad.  Now what could possibly go wrong here.  The NY Daily News reported back at the end of December 2013 that the NSA has the ability to hack into the IOS that Apple uses in the iPhone and iPad.  These are revelations from data leaked by Edward Snowden.  Of course Apple denied any knowledge of the NSA’s ability to hack their operating system and providing any assistance to the NSA in the agency’s program to spy on those who use the IOS.

And it seems the folks at Clemson have been working for years to improve voting procedures in South Carolina by providing a way to use the portable electronic device and have it optically read the input from the voter then tally the recorded vote “securely”.

NSA Spy Vs SpyIn the 2013 election, audits were done only on elections for state office and higher, according to the Legislative Audit Council (LAC) report.

“One concern, especially with local elections, is the short amount of time between the election and certification,” the report says.

The state’s League of Women Voters has studied the current machines and said it found more than 2,500 errors in two counties alone in 2010, according to documents supporting its 2012 presentation to the LAC.

South Carolina is one of 16 states that uses paperless voting machines, which prompted a grade of “inadequate” by the Verified Voting Foundation, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that advocates for accuracy, transparency and verifiability of elections.

Clemson Prime III guruThe folks at Clemson say that the software they have developed can be used in other electronic voting devices, but most of those cost much more than an iPad does, and as most States have very limited budgets to use on this equipment, well going for the iPad might seem like the best way to go…fiscally that is.

Now it seems that if this works out then how long will it be until you don’t have to even leave your home to cast a ballot in an election?  Which raises the question that gets the race baiters all upset, that is….Voter I.D.

Who and how is a vote placed from an electronic device from someone’s home validated to be properly cast by a voter who is eligible to cast a ballot in that election.  There are plenty reports of voting irregularities now with people required to go to an actual precinct voting location with a very real and physical voting booth.

How is it going to be tracked so that the sanctity of the vote, that being “One Person, One Vote” will be guaranteed to remain intact?

Should there be improvements to the voting systems used in the Nation… why of course there should.

But not at the expense of the integrity of the voting system itself.

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