Lindsey Vonn Responds To Trump Supporters – ‘If They Don’t Like Me, Their Loss’

Champion skier Lindsay Vonn placed 6th in her first 2018 Olympic competition as it shocked many onlookers.

Many Trump supporters saw that as justice for trying to show up President Trump a few months ago showing how she wasn’t skating for him and the White House and how she wouldn’t visit the Oval Office if she won a Gold medal.

Trump supporters responded fiercely after she bombed her attempt reminding her she was skating for the United States of America which included everyone and picking and choosing who she represented wasn’t cool.

I highlighted Julie Foudy’s tweet as a sympathetic voice to Vonn’s low placement in an earlier article, but I didn’t know Vonn was going to answer:

Of all the responses to her loss, she chose this one to die on a hill with as Trump supporters trolled her for this one too.

If you do not study responses, she’s actually hurt by those who have reminded her what she said about Trump, but she also needs admiration and support which is why the last part of her tweet is asking for support as if she is the victim.

“If they don’t like me, their loss I guess

Why even add that when you’ve poked the bear, trying to be popular with a degenerate crowd who hates the President of the United States.

Here are some responses from those who caught this tweet cry to be seen and pampered with positive tweets.

Lindsey’s attempt to get pampered with support did work with her tweet. Many of her fans will love her no matter what and support her hate/dislike for President Trump, but a lot of people see her dissing Trump when she didn’t need to.

She didn’t learn anything today about her attitude, and she will probably never apologize for trying to show up Trump so her karma will continue and it’s a shame.

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