Vlogger SLAMS Media: Hate Nazis, But Love Black Lives Matter

Brittany Hughes is fed up watching the liberal left’s hypocrisy over the Nazi outrage but allowing Black Lives Matter to go free with their hatred and attacks on cops.

Brittany is correct. Black Lives Matter, the movement was created to go after white cops. Not necessarily to assassinate them, even though that happened a few times. They wanted to make life unpleasant for any white cop they could find which in turn would be swift justice for black thugs being killed, or so they thought.

Brittany does a great job showing passion and calling out liberals. Her analysis was spot on, and she deserves praise for transferring her thoughts to video so that all of us could watch and agree.

Source: MRCTV

Over the weekend, in Charlottesville, Virginia, a relatively small group of crazy white supremacists crawled out of their gutters and paraded through town displaying their depraved idiocy for the entire world to see.

So here’s the deal. What happened in Charlottesville was despicable. Racial hatred has no place in the heart of a decent person, and no decent person is defending it.

But you can’t stand there in your Che Guevara t-shirt ranting about Nazis, then get all Twitter-happy whenever a cop gets shot or a Republican congressman takes a bullet in the gut from a Bernie Sanders supporter. So if you spent your weekend ranting about Nazis, but you still love Black Lives Matter, I’ve got a message for you.

Watch her video below:

No doubt, liberals will attack her for being white, it’s what they do. Just remember, just because white liberals have surrendered their souls to be apologists for things they never did doesn’t mean you have to.

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Liberals have never had a clear sense of direction for life. They live in the now without responsibility or rules. They believe what’s yours is theirs and they will fight you until you give up to have what you have. They want to argue with you knowing they will lose but they want you to give up.

That’s their game. But your game is better. You have facts on your side, and if you take the road Brittany did in the video, by telling the truth and not being afraid, you will shrink the liberal agenda until only a few are left.

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