‘Visibly Shaken’ Pelosi Responds To Protesting DREAMers “Do You Want To Listen Or Just Shout?”

Rep. Nancy Pelosi brought her DREAMers on stage as props for her discussion to protect DACA recipients, but when the real ones showed up, she wasn’t prepared and looked visibly shaken!

The Democrats illegals have come home to roost. This is the monster Democrats have created with unfulfilled promises, and these illegal DACA recipients want their checks of citizenship cashed now. Remember, Democrats held majorities in the House and Senate two years before Obama was elected and then supermajorities two years after Obama was elected and these illegals were never taken care of.

Watching these illegals protest Pelosi shows me three things:

  1. Why haven’t Black Americans done the same thing to the Democratic Party? These illegals have no rights, and they are protesting on American soil and shouting down the top representative of the party.
  2. When the DREAMers shouted their demands and asked that Democrats stop working with Immigrations, Customs and Enforcement, watch Pelosi’s response.
  3. The props in the back do not reflect the millions of DREAMers the protesters were speaking about which means we have an even larger problem.

You have to watch the entire video below and listen to her words and keep an eye on her actions. Pelosi had hand-picked DACA recipients who didn’t even join in the fight of their illegal brothers and sisters.

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Wayne Dupree

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