Viral Video of Ukrainian Girl Asking the World for Help Not as “Grass Roots” as You May Think

This clip of a Ukrainian girl named Yulia has gone viral. Below is a brief description from the Facebook page linked to the You Tube video:

This is Yulia. She is a post-graduate student in literature. After the first people were killed on Hrushevskogo Street she posted about it on Facebook. She felt like screaming about everything that had been happening in the country. Her friend suggested to make the video of the same statement for more people to see and hear her. They made the video on Hrushevskogo next to the destroyed makeshift hospital. It was very cold then and her speech is uneven sometimes. ” I wanted to show that here I am – a person. If you say there are radicals and terrorists in our streets, then I am a terrorist too,” explains Yulia.

People have been calling this a ‘grass roots video’. I guess no one else noticed the professional lighting, make up, sound mixing and camera pans. It’s about as organic as Monsanto’s terminator corn. But, all that aside, after doing some more digging (aka: following the money), Paul Joseph Watson found out that the video was produced by the team behind A Whisper to a Roar, a documentary funded by Prince Moulay Hicham of Morocco. According to Watson:

The “inspiration” behind the documentary was none other than Larry Diamond, a Council on Foreign Relations member. The Council on Foreign Relations is considered to be America’s “most influential foreign-policy think tank” and has deep connections with the U.S. State Department.

Diamond has also worked closely with the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The National Endowment for Democracy is considered to be the CIA’s “civilian arm” and has been deeply embroiled in innumerable instigated uprisings, attempted coups and acts of neo-colonial regime change since its creation in 1983, including the contrived 2004 “Orange Revolution” that brought US puppet Viktor Yushchenko to power in Ukraine.

Larry Diamond also played an instrumental role in the Arab Spring under the auspices of the NED, a series of supposedly grass roots revolts that were in fact organized and managed by some of the most powerful western institutions on the planet.

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Photo via CNN
Photo via CNN

It is clear that there is much more to the uprising in Kiev than we in America realize. Regardless of where this video originated or who is behind its message, the reality is that thousands of people are risking their lives and taking to the streets. This would not unless extreme injustices and oppression at the hands of the government were actually occurring.

I feel for the Ukrainian people and hope that they find a way to resolve their problems. After all, the average person over there only wants what we all want: freedom and liberty to prosper.

Wayne Dupree

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