VIRAL – Drunk girl constantly punches unsuspecting boy in the face; Is he justified for his reaction?

In the now viral clip, a young woman who appears to be intoxicated takes a swing at a guy who is sitting down on a couch. The couple of punches she throws seem to be playful, but the girl is clearly drunk and not functioning with a clear mind.

After the girl hits the guy, she seems to laugh it off and think that it’s funny, but the guy, who may be drunk himself and is bleeding from his face, isn’t laughing. He is clearly angry, and while his possibly intoxicated friends mention that he should call the police, he decides that he would teach the girl a lesson by punching her in the face.

The girl winds up getting hit pretty hard in the face and gets a bloody lip as a result, and the friends in the room try to get the guy to leave, telling him he crossed a line.

Many seem to think that the girl got what she deserved, but others say that it is never okay to hit a woman.

“I thought he was pretty fair,” wrote YouTube user daemonicstar. “She had a few good shots on him for no good reason. Justice isn’t pretty but was served.”

Others disagreed, saying that the guy should never have hit the woman and should simply have called the police if he was hurt.

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h/t LiveLeak

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