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Florida Road Rage Incident Of Epic Proportions Land Couple In Jail!

Welcome to Bradenton, and the sad part about it it is that hitting the one in the car with a police baton — was a man.

This incident is one of those videos that you feel sorry to look at, but I hope it never happens to you. I am sure incidents like this happen on a daily basis, but they’re ever captured on video and shows the magnitude of the evil that is happening in our national society.

Source: WFLA

At the intersection, Manatee deputies identify Willie Edwards walking up to the passenger side of a Hyundai to beat on Erica James.

His weapon of choice, an “asp,” a long-handled stick with a blunt end, sometimes carried by cops.

Driver Rose Alvarez tries to intervene, but deputies say Marquavia Jenkins stops her.

Soon, it was on, with all four throwing punches, kicking and rolling to the road.

A bystander tries to stop it.

Deputies believe an ongoing dispute led up to the mid-road melee.

Shoppers at a nearby plaza took a look at the road rage video.

“I just can’t imagine someone getting out of their car to start an altercation like that,” said Rhonda McClendon.

When I first watch the video, I thought I saw four females were going at it, but after listening to the report, I found out that the person that we’re swinging the baton was a man.

If all the idiots who could vote did vote, we would already be outnumbered. This is why leftists love to tout pure democracy and to make voting easier. In a genuine democracy, all you have to do is persuade the easily persuadable to vote for you. Fortunately, most lowlifes don’t vote. For this reason, I’ve always believed it should take an effort to vote. At least an ID, probably travel to an actual polling place. The more comfortable voting becomes the more the ignorant cast ballots.

Another campaign plug for the Conservatives. Keep up the good work all you crazed liberals; we’re all counting on you over here in conservative land.

What were your thoughts watching this go down?

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