[VIDEO] Watch: Walmart Just Confronted a ‘Good Guy With a Gun’ And Banned Him For Life

Walmart made waves last week when they caved to the anti-gun liberal mob and announced that they would stop selling ammunition for short barrel guns.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Walmart actually made matters worse when they asked customers to refrain from ‘open carry’ in their stores, even when the state allows it.

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Basically, Walmart is on its way to becoming a “gun free zone,” and we all know how well those work, right?

So, when a good guy with a gun walked into a Kentucky Walmart recently, a shopper spotted the gun on his hip and called the police.

After a brief interaction with authorities, the man was banned from all Walmarts nation wide, for life.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time to #BoycottWalmart.

While police have not filed any charges against the man, a Lexington, Kentucky Walmart has made him sign a statement that he is aware of his nationwide ban at all Walmart locations.

Someone had called police to say that an armed man was inside the store and was acting suspiciously. According to that suspicious man, he was sitting in a lawn chair by the firearms counter waiting for help.

While Walmart still allows concealed carry in their locations, it looks as though many would have some trouble if they do actually try to openly carry a firearm. Who knows how this will play out on a store-to-store basis, but it doesn’t look good for those who choose open carry over concealed.

What do you think about this man’s nationwide ban at ever stepping foot inside a Walmart? Would you have signed the statement? [Concealed Nation]

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