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[VIDEO] Watch: Trump Retweets Hilarious Viral Video of CNN Saying Alabama Was Under Dorian Threat

After being proven 100 percent correct in “Sharpie Gate,” President Trump is now having some fun toying with the mainstream media.

President Trump took to Twitter, where he shared a video of CNN’s Don Lemon discussing Hurricane Dorian with a weather expert.

The hilarious video includes shots of President Trump appearing to mock the actual footage of CNN saying Alabama was under Dorian threat.

On Friday, the NOAA put the silly debate to rest and added a “W” in the win column for Trump, when they stated that yes, Alabama was in danger of being hit by Dorian and shared an image to back up their claim.

Trump Wins Again: NOAA Just Sided With Trump Over ‘Sharpie Gate,” Leaves Media Looking Like Buffoons Yet Again

We are now several days into the Sharpiegate/Hurricane Dorian/Alabama controversy and neither CNN nor Trump are backing down over the issue of whether or not Alabama was ever under threat from Hurricane Dorian.

The media outlet has steadily maintained that Alabama was never at risk to be impacted by Dorian (“He falsely claimed that Hurricane Dorian was likely to hit Alabama.”). Trump said initially it was, although at the time he said it the threat was on the lower end of the scale.

The latest rhetorical salvo came from Trump on Friday, when he tweeted out a humorous video showing that in spite of CNN’s claim that Dorian was never expected to hit the state, CNN weather forecasters themselves initially predicted Dorian could impact Alabama:

President Trump tweeted a doctored CNN clip showing a meteorologist saying Alabama was at risk of getting hit by Hurricane Dorian as he continued to lambast media coverage of his assertion the state was in the path of the storm.

Trump tweeted a video showing a CNN meteorologist explaining that the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana and Alabama were at risk, editing the video so the reporter says “Alabama” 10 times back-to-back.

The video then shows a CNN logo going down a road in lieu of a car only to drive off the street and explode. [Red State]

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Enjoy this hilarious video tweeted by President Trump:

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