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[VIDEO] Watch: Black Man Tells White Liberals He’ll Donate His ‘Reparations’ To Trump 2020 Campaign

It’s always fun to watch clever Trump supporters pull one over on dopey liberals, right?

That’s precisely what happened when a black Trump supporter confronted liberal protesters and put them in their place  during an ICE protest at Grand Central Station in New York City.

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The man came to the anti-Trump/anti-ICE protest armed with his ‘Trump 2020’ sign and a fire for truth burning a hole in his heart. In addition, he also had a fiery message for smug, elite white liberals: if you insist on paying him reparations that he doesn’t want, he’ll turn around and donate them to Trump 2020 campaign.

Ha ha, that’s brilliant and we love it! 

Trump supporters counter-protested during an anti-ICE rally in New York City where one man defiantly faced liberals and shut them down.

As hundreds gathered in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal last week to protest Immigration and Customs Enforcement and President Trump’s immigration policies, others arrived to counter the protests and support the president.

“That’s why I don’t like white liberals or Democrats. They are the worst of the worst on this earth. A white liberal and a Democrat wants to control you – that’s what they want to do.  They are pathetic,” he declared.

“If you’re a white liberal or Democrat, pay me reparations,” he continued. “Not that I want it but y’all say I deserve it. And I will immediately turn it over to the Trump campaign. I do not want your money.”

“You say I deserve reparations, white liberals and Democrats? Pay up…because you said I deserve reparations. I did not ask for it. They told me that to try to buy you won’t get my vote. My vote is going to Trump 2020,” he went on. []

Watch the video below from Pamela Hall’s Youtube page.

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