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[VIDEO] Palestinian Children Dress Up And Stage Mock Raid As Part Of Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

If I had not seen if, for myself, I would have thought you were kidding. Meanwhile, in America, our kids are being told Israel is the real bad guy.

During a kindergarten graduation ceremony in Gaza City, Palestinian children donned terrorist garb and staged a mock raid. The Daily Mail reported the raid simulation was to be that of Israel.

I’m assuming Rep. Rashida Tlaib wasn’t available as a commencement speaker. Clearly, they want peace with Israel.

The entire program included a drone, weapons, and body cameras. Parents and relatives were capturing the sick event on their cell phones with pride.

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It takes a savage parent to teach hatred to babies, or allow it to be taught to them. Two of our congress members would say, “aw, isn’t that cute,” and that’s why we need to get them out of Congress.

According to the Daily Mail article, this graduation took place last year. Kids were dressed as Palestinian Islamic Jihad while other children were dressed as Israelis, including an Israeli soldier and you will see both of them being captured in the video below.

We don’t have an immigration ban on Islam; this is exhibit A as to why we should have one. Nothing good will come of this.

Some countries teach their children to be productive citizens (or at least good welfare recipients). The Palestinians teach them to be good terrorists. And leftists, either in America or in Europe, see nothing wrong with this.

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This has to be their equivalent or our ‘Cowboys and Indians,’ in a very sick way. Add their belief into it, and that’s a deadly mixture. I know of no other faith or religion that calls for the killing of non-believers in the spreading of its’ belief. Only Islam has it in their Quran to kill any that will not convert. THAT IS A FACT and the TRUTH.

Their education is incomplete. The Israelis should drop “mock bombs” on them so they can get the full picture. That would really “finish” their education. Not one American dollar should go to the Palestinian terrorists; this includes indirect money through the UN and NGOs.

How is it that Democrats are so in love with and so protective of Muslims when most of their ideals are at total odds with those of Americans. Our teachers tell our kids guns are evil, and their teachers teach their kids how to kill Jews.

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Our teachers teach our kids the sexually confused among us are to be revered, and they teach their kids to throw them off rooftops. The only thing they all seem to have in common is a desire to destroy this country by any means possible as soon as possible.

The opposition media will ignore this story, so are there any trolls out who’d like to take a shot at an intelligent answer?

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