[VIDEO] Kellyanne Conway Fed Trump-Hater Chis Wallace His Lunch During Fiery Interview

Top counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway ventured into the “belly of the beast” on Sunday, when she agreed to appear on Trump-hater Chris Wallace’s partisan show.

In truth, she’d probably have been treated more fairly on CNN, that’s how biased Wallace has gotten.

Conway showed up to defend her boss amid the media’s absurd and phony “impeachment craze” and she had no problem putting Chris Wallace in his place for pushing his special brand of fake and hysterical news.

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Wallace, so desperate to defend the outrageous closed-door impeachment hearings, ran a clip of then-House Intelligence Committee chairman Trey Gowdy espousing on the benefits of a closed-door process with no cameras, before asking: “So why is it okay for Republicans … to conduct hearings, depositions, interviews behind closed doors but it’s unacceptable for Democrats?”

What a fool. Wallace trying to compare a house Hearing on Benghazi to the impeachment of a president is a total joke.

“Respectfully, Chris, this is about impeaching a president of United States,” Conway said, as she began to explain the painfully obvious.

This was the tone and tenor of the interview, Wallace doing his best imitation of Shep Smith, hysterically trying to make his case, while Conway easily batted away his efforts.

You can watch the video below:

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