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[VIDEO] Heartbreaking Video of Bystanders Laughing and Hurling Milk at Police Officers Responding to a Fire 

Thanks to the anti-police rhetoric from the left, our brave men and women in Blue have been unfairly demonized and subjected to verbal, physical, and emotional abuse.

Irresponsible politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have made a career out of attacking our patriotic ICE agents, and fake news networks like CNN pushed the false “Hands up Don’t Shoot” lie. All of this propaganda is cleverly and artfully designed to demonize our police force and uproot law and order in the United States.

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The left hates police, and they hate the rule of law. This is why they’ve spent countless hours, energy, and money turning the public against law enforcement.

Nowhere was this sad fact on display more than in New York City, where a group of bystanders laughed and hurled milk at police officers who were  helping folks at the scene of a fire in the Bronx.

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A coward hurled an open half-gallon of milk at a Bronx cop, covering him in the liquid, in the latest act of disrespect against a member of the force, according to cops and a video that surfaced Thursday.

“They got milked on!” a bystander can be heard cheering on cellphone video of the incident, which was posted on Instagram with a caption that read “F— the [police emoji].”

The assault comes just weeks after the city’s now-viral water bucket attacks on New York’s Finest.

Several videos emerged over the summer of people across the Big Apple setting upon cops with buckets and bottles of water — resulting in charges for several individuals. In every incident, the officers were simply doing their jobs.

The Police Benevolent Association blamed city leaders for the brazen acts — saying they have created a “cop-hating” environment Thursday.

“It is becoming impossible for police officers to do our job, even in emergency situations,” PBA president Patrick J. Lynch said in a statement.

“At a fire scene, our role is to clear the area so that firefighters can contain the fire and prevent loss of life. This crowd didn’t care: They wanted to fight the cops who were there to help.”

The incident went down just before 5 p.m. Tuesday after cops evacuated an apartment building at 1454 Grand Concourse due to a blaze on the 6th floor, according to the NYPD.

Firefighters were battling the 2-alarm inferno — which left seven people injured, including two cops and an FDNY member — while officers were getting people out and controlling the scene, officials said.

A crowd of residents who had been asked to evacuate formed outside and became rowdy, according to police — and that’s when the curdled creep struck. [New York Post]


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