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[VIDEO] Giuliani Blames Newsom For Teacher Savagely Beaten On Video by Cali Students

A disturbing video has emerged out of a high school in California, that shows a teacher being savagely beaten by two students.

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani retweeted the video of the graphic beatdown and blamed Governor Newsom for the horrific act.

Why exactly did Rudy blame Gavin?

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Well, because just last week Gavin Newsom signed a bill that makes it nearly impossible to suspend bad students.

Activist groups like “Voice of the Youth” pushed for the legislation, arguing that black students were disproportionately (and wrongly) disciplined.

Now, if students commit acts of violence in class, teachers and school officials can’t suspend them. Instead, they’ll be dealt with using “restorative justice,” which is basically just a gigantic “time-out” where students are given time to reflect on their actions.

Give me a break. 

Below is the video. Please keep in mind that it’s very graphic.

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This is the tweet that Giuliani tweeted, blaming Governor Newsom.

It’s amazing what an absolute mess liberals have made of California.

From poop-lined streets, and illegal aliens to high taxes, and school beatdowns…Gee, what a lovely liberal utopia.

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