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[VIDEO] Culture Clash? 7-11 Employee Busted Washing Feet at Coffee Station for ‘Religious Reasons’

A disturbing video out of Roseville, Michigan has gone viral. It shows a 7-11 employee using a sink next to a coffee station and across from a grilling station, to wash his feet.

The man told a local news crew that he washes his feet, arms, face, and legs at least 5 times a day for “religious reasons.”

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A woman by the name of Emily Divel recorded the video, and said she could also hear the man loudly “spitting” into the sink.


Not exactly what you want to see or hear as you pour your morning coffee, right?

A video posted on social media is sparking a debate. An employee at the 7-eleven on Gratiot and 13 Mile Road in Roseville was captured washing his feet in a sink that is meant for washing hands.

The sink is next to a coffee machine and across from a grill station. The footage turned stomachs while others came to the employee’s defense.

Emily Divel recorded the video and posted it to social media.

“As I walked in I could hear him loudly spitting in the sink,” Divel said.

Divel said he then put his foot in the sink. Action News confronted the employee who said it was a religious practice.

The unidentified employee said he’s Muslim and it’s mandatory he clean his feet, arms, and face at least five times a day.

Customers had mixed reaction outside the store on Tuesday.

“I understand the prayer but washing the feet! You can wash your hands and have prayer but not your feet,” said one customer.

“We don’t discourage religion but be sanitary working with food,” Divel said.

7-Eleven released a statement: “We take the cleanliness of 7-Eleven stores very seriously so thank you for making us aware of this incident and allowing us to investigate this matter.”

State health inspectors are also now investigating. [WXYZ]

This is another example of the importance of assimilation.

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Your religious practices should be private, and not infringe or offend people around you, and should not interfere with your work or break city sanitation laws.

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