Border Patrol Video Captures Heavily Armed Cartel Traffickers Escorting Woman And Child Illegally Over The Border!

U.S. Customs have released an alarming video and Border Protection showing heavily armed cartel traffickers escorting a mother and her child illegally across the southern border.

“Border Patrol cameras observed several men armed with assault rifles escort a mother and child to the international boundary west of Lukeville. The armed men dropped off the pair in an area commonly used by smugglers to bring massive numbers of Central Americans into the country illegally,” Defense Visual Information Distribution Service reported.

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During his interview on Fox News, Kevin McAleenan, Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary, stressed how border agents are trained and prepared to handle violent encounters, but the southern border crisis needs to be solved.

“We’ve seen smugglers using long arms, AK-47s, high capacity rifles for years and we are prepared to encounter that. We have special teams, our Border Patrol tactical unit [BORTAC] out and operating in areas where we have cartel activity, bandit activity, but that is a concern escorting a woman and her child across, multiple heavily armed men, you wonder what’s going on in the northern part of Mexico where they entered,”




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