[VIDEO] Barkley on Whipping: Every Black Parent In South Would Be Arrested Under Peterson Conditions

I know where Charles Barkley was going with this and many black parents in the south still whip/spank their kids. I also have had whelps that were there one day and were going a few days later. My parents didn’t spank me in anger, they spanked me for correction.

I’ve seen how some parents who don’t spank their kids get treated by their kids. It’s not good and I don’t think they have any place to criticize how others discipline their kids. If your kids are slamming doors in your face, cursing you, hitting you, and treating you with all manner of disrespect, I wouldn’t say it’s the model everyone should be pressured to use.

Have you ever been at the mall and witnessed a parent ‘reasoning’ with little Johnnie/Janie who was in the midst of a tantrum?

Johnnie/Janie have the upper hand because if the parent is seen swatting that little butt, said parent will be reported for child abuse, likely arrested with the child/children taken out of the home and placed someplace where the abuse is likely worse.

LOL – – my parents did not tolerate insubordination of any kind, period and they posted the child welfare phone number where we could find and use it because they said any of us not willing to abide by their house rules needed to live wherever child welfare authorities placed children in uncaring homes where people were paid to abuse insubordinate children – – it was our choice to make and we opted to stay with mom and dad as well as take their physical/chores punishment when we acted up [but never, ever in public!!!]

My parents’ approach to socializing us seems old-fashioned and quaint by today’s standards where parents ‘reason’ with their children or risk being arrested – – I write this knowing that there are abusive parents and without knowing the extent of the abusive parent problem. I don’t condone child abuse but I do condone correcting a child.

h/t Burger Van Dreamz

Wayne Dupree

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