California Town Vice-Mayor Asked To Resign After He Wants To Make July ‘Straight-Pride Month’

This is not a joke. A California town wants to remove a town official because he wants to recognize regular people.

Nobody talks about removing officials who promote gay-pride month so what gives when an official wants to promote heterosexuals? California is so off the map; they are off the map. Their thinking isn’t one of logic, it is straight feelings, and you can’t run a town, city, let alone a state or country with emotions.

Ted Hickman, who is the vice-mayor of Dixon in California is causing some controversy with his idea to proclaim July ‘Straight Pride American Month.’ He also went a little further with his freedom of speech which seemed to anger the homosexual community.

Source: Washington Times

“Don’t get me wrong,” he cautioned in his column. “I support the First Amendment, as much as the next person, and support the rights of grown men to wear skin tight short-shorts and go-go boots and don tinker bell wings with wand and prance down the streets of San Francisco.”

His column, which also is available on his personal blog, also referred to “the tinker bells” and “dressing up like faries.”

Reaction from pro-gay advocates was swift.

An online petition to demand his recall had more than 23,000 signers by Sunday afternoon (the entire population of Dixon was less than 19,000 in the 2010 Census). A Facebook pagedemanding a similar result was also created and had more than 1,700 subscribers and a similar number of “Likes” by then.

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I guess the fairy comment didn’t go over to well with the homosexual community right? Here’s the deal. If one side of the political spectrum can claim freedom of speech, why can’t the other side? Someone needs to tell the entire planet to shut the hell up when it comes to political correctness because they are looking too sensitive.

November elections are coming up so the people of that town will have a chance to vote him out if they do not agree with his statement.

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