Snowflakes Hang School Flag Upside Down At Half Mass; Watch This Veteran’s Response!

This story isn’t that getting that much attention but as a veteran, I am not happy to know that students find it funny to raise the American flag upside down as a joke on school grounds.

This is nothing to play with as veteran James Jackson stressed in the video below. Flying an American flag upside is a sign of distress and if that’s the case, the person that initiated this action should be able to tell why they did it instead of running away.

This just shows you that law enforcement needs to be a lot more stronger and some of these juvenile vandals should be locked away, underground under lock and key.

Source: Fox 29

Army veteran James Jackson says he was stunned when he saw the American flag flying upside down outside of Scott Middle School in Coatesville. It’s his former school.

“It hurt me as a veteran seeing the flag upside down knowing that means the state of distress,” he told FOX 29.

Jackson took pictures and sent them to FOX 29. Just minutes after we started making phone calls a custodian was seen lowering the upside down flag.

The school districts tells us someone broke into the flags lockbox over the weekend but no one even noticed until we brought it to their attention. School administrators are now looking at two surveillance cameras that may have captured whoever did this.

What’s strange about this is usually schools take down the flag every evening and raise it in the morning or that is what I was led to believe.

According to the US flag code, the American flag should only be flown upside down in instances of “extreme danger to life or property”. It’s also used as a sign of protest.

Jackson who served for this flag says it’s the sad sign of the times.

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