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Valerie Jarrett Defends Susan Rice: You Should Thank Her!

Barack Obama housemate Valerie Jarrett just came out in defense of Susan Rice and has a message for all of you.

Jarrett thinks you should thank her for her time in service and what she’s done for the American people. I almost choked when I saw that because Rice is in huge trouble for her part in unmasking private citizens and then lying about it.

Do I think Rice was alone? No I don’t. Actually, no sane American should think that because Rice was a soldier that didn’t have a background in the office she served. But to hear Jarrett, who just moved into Obama’s DC home, come out to support Rice means there’s a lot more there, there.

Source: YesImRight

Former Senior White House Advisor Valerie Jarrett has graced us with her opinion on the Susan Rice Unmasking scandal. According to Jarrett, America has nothing to worry about, there’s nothing to see here. Whatever Rice did was right, no matter what anyone says about her, her character is unassailable and her actions are a beacon of justice.

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She’s even decided to compare the accusations against Rice to those leveled against Obama about his place of birth and religious affiliation. I suspect that was meant to calm our fears about both Obama and Rice’s integrity, but I’m not sure she accomplished that goal. She more or less just pointed out that all the possible criminals are all bunched together.

The media does have a big challenge, they’ve got a lot of dirt to clean up right now. I’m pretty sure they went into this trying to report the news, but now they’re basically the informational janitors of the left. While they had the support of the White House in this endeavor, it was probably a little easier to keep things together, but now that they’ve got this maverick shining a light on all the previous administration’s skeletons. They are going to end up being collateral damage when America truly sees how much they have distracted us from the real issues. If they’d just done their jobs in the first place, and not decided to play politics, they wouldn’t be in this mess, but now we’re seeing news anchors switch sides and meltdown as if being objective isn’t even an option anymore.

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