VA Teen Shot Dead Entering the Wrong House During Night, Parents Not Angry at Homeowner

Double tragedy. Caleb’s parents will suffer the loss of their son forever, and the Homeowner will live with the fact he killed Caleb forever.

Caleb Gordley wanted to go to a party Saturday night. But the 16-year-old was grounded because he hadn’t cleaned his room.So he decided he’d sneak out of his Loudoun County, Va., house to be with his friends.


When he left the party about 2 a.m., Caleb needed to sneak home. His friends dropped him off and helped hoist him through a back window. But Caleb had been drinking and had gone to the wrong house. The brick homes on his street are similar, and Caleb was two doors down from his own.

The homeowner heard his burglar alarm sound, called police to report an intruder, grabbed his gun and went to investigate. When the two met on the stairs inside the house, the man said he told the teen to leave and fired a warning shot, according to a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation.

Caleb didn’t stop, and the homeowner fired again, striking and killing the teen, the official said.

We as parents should show our children this story Just to shake them up a bit. “In the event that you ever disobey my rules…THIS could happen…now go clean your room.” It makes it even worse because he was grounded and he went sneaking out…omg, a bad decision made in a split second ended his life.



Wayne Dupree

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