Several Utility Companies Are Cutting Rates Thanks To Trump’s Tax Plan

Great day in the morning, even utility companies are jumping into the sea of Trump Effect to help customers through their bills thanks to the Tax Plan President Trump signed before the New Year.

While the media chases the Trump Dossier, along with Christopher Steele and some sad little man who embellished a book after he was given access to the White House for weeks, more good news continues to fall into the American citizen’s lap.

How many of you could use a rate cut for your utilities? Just think, these companies didn’t need to be coerced by any politician or blackmailed into making this decision. This is something they felt is the right thing to do, and I am on board with them as I am sure you are also.

Source: Washington Examiner

Energy suppliers like Washington’s Pepco, Baltimore Gas and Light, Pacific Power, Rocky Mountain Power and Commonwealth Edison said they plan to give hundreds of thousands of customers a rate cut due to the tax reform.

The taxpayer advocate group Americans for Tax Reform is pulling together the list of utilities expected to apply for a rate cut as it has for more than 100 major firms planning to pay out bonuses, higher wages and increased benefits due to the expected windfall they plan to receive when corporate taxes are cut.

In one announcement typical of those from the utilities sharing their tax benefits, Pacific Power said, “The benefit of this tax cut should be passed on to our customers – and we will work with our regulators and stakeholders on the best way to do that.”

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Now, if we can only get cable networks to pull back on their rates along with the cell phone companies, we might be celebrating Christmas all over again.

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