USMC Shaun Adkins addresses Obama on Coal: “Pushing only goes so far” [VIDEO]

USMC Shaun Adkins was born and raised in the heart of coal country.  He’s a marine.  He said the “so called”, war on coal isn’t a war at all.  The war, he said, is on American industry as a whole.  Coal is just one of the many battles, according to Adkins.

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“How much longer do you think the people who live in this area are going to take their jobs being taken for them,” Adkins asked.  “I’ll say this right now, pushing only goes so far before the pushing starts going in the opposite direction.”

Coal, farmers, gas and oil workers, he says people in Logan, people everywhere, are more than fed up.

With the threat of 1,100 more job losses in a few short months, and 1,100 more families potentially without work, he said coal country will start fighting back saying, “It’s what we have to have to survive.”

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