NY Times Reports U.S. Spies Paid Shadowy Russian For Compromising Trump Material

Let me start this article by saying I’m stunned the New York Times admitted this bombshell, maybe times are changing?

It seems the CIA got played! You know, you would think they’d have a better system of vetting information, especially from a Russian but they got bilked out of 100K for their stupidity. See, even the Russians are laughing at our snowflakes. That’s what happens when you create fabrications people; you attract fabricators.

The CIA and FBI are turning into something I taught I would never say. They are a joke, and they better get back to the business of catching bad people and forget the political angle.

A Fox News alert for you tonight. This story breaking this evening by the “New York Times.” The news that American spies paid $100,000 to a shadowy Russian who promised to deliver stolen U.S. Cyber weapons and, quote, compromising material on President Trump. So according to this report that just came out of the “New York Times” this evening, the spies arranged a meeting with the Russian last September, September of 2017.

By posting quoted messages to the NSA’s public Twitter account, they were able to arrange this meeting in a Berlin hotel room where the Americans handed over $100,000 in cash in an unmarked suitcase.

But ultimately, accordings to this story, it appears that the American spies got duped, quote: The United States intelligence officials say they cut off the deal because they were weary of being entangled in Russian operation to create discord inside the American government. We are just laying all this out and getting through it ourselves tonight.

I can’t believe our government was that gullible, that they were willing to pay some Russians claiming to have info on Trump, a million dollars for it! It seems Democrats think more of Russians than Republicans do, it’s the oldest trick in the book. This tops stupidly for a government agency.

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